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GRC Type of Bright Carburizing, Hardening Tempering Furnace is fully automatic heat treatment equipment and the cost of heat treatment is very economical if heat teratment products are the samll quantity, variety size small parts in carburizing such as chain, gears, steel pipe, parts of automobile
Vacuum Annealing Furnace
VP-type vacuum annealing furnace is designed to bright annealing of mass of small parts or large part of metal. It is with or without protective gas, then save working time and energy. Temperature control accurate, products will be uniform quality. Treating parts are for copper wire, copper pipe,
Bell Type Annealing Spheroidizing Furnace
Others heat treatment equipment for the bright hardening, annealing, solution of the stainless steel, and brazing of the ferreous, nonferreous. And stainless metals sintering of the powder metallurgy. The heat treatment euqipment for the bright annealing and normalize and spheroid treatment of the

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